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Kreativní využití videa ve výuce angličtiny (anglicky)

Termín:1.11.2012 (9:00-12:00)
Místo konání:Dům dětí a mládeže Olomouc - velký sál
Anotace:Počet výukových videí vydávaných velkými nakladatelstvími (OUP, Cambridge atd.) je omezený, zatímco anglicky mluvenými filmy na DVD jsme dnes přímo zavaleni. Přesto se film ve výuce jazyků objevuje málokdy a pokud už ano, v těch lepších případech se omezujeme na: "Co to je, co se stalo, co se asi stane?" nebo "čemu jste ne/rozuměli?" Praktické návody, jak lze s filmem (víceméně jakýmkoli) pracovat, např. při probírání gramatických jevů, rozšiřování slovní zásoby, konverzaci (komunikační cvičení) i jak je využít jako úvod do studentských projektů v hodině. Jazykové knihy poskytované

American assist for conspiracy theories and armed rebellion isn’t new – we simply didn’t believe it earlier than the Capitol insurrection

Amanda J. Crawford turned into a 2020-21 fellow with the University of Connecticut Humanities Institute and is a country wide board member of the Journalism & Women Symposium.
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Americans had to confront a new truth when an indignant mob attacked the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021: Some in their fellow residents have been within the grips of a false reality and had resorted to violence to help it.
Conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential election and the bizarre trade universe of QAnon helped pressure the attack, which has brought about issues about further domestic upheaval.
In the 12 months due to the fact, a flurry of research and analyses have tried to gauge the American urge for food for conspiracy theories and the likelihood of extra violence – even civil struggle. As someone who has studied the conspiracy theories that observed the December 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, I keep revisiting a May 2013 ballot about gun manipulate that observed big doubts approximately that taking pictures and shockingly excessive support for armed riot.
Almost 8 years before the Capitol turned into attacked with the aid of partisans bent on reversing the consequences of an election, almost one-0.33 of Americans surveyed – and a whopping 44% of Republicans – said in a 2013 PublicMind ballot by way of Fairleigh Dickinson University that armed rebellion might soon be essential inside the U.S. to defend liberties.
The finding became so disconcerting that the ballot turned into brushed off by using a few outstanding political observers as too improbable to be actual.
I currently interviewed the political psychologist who designed the ballot , as well as a journalist who blasted its conclusions and now writes about the fallout from the Jan. 6, 2021, revolt.
Daniel Cassino, a professor of government and politics at Fairleigh Dickinson University and director of the FDU ballot , said the 2013 survey sought to gauge the impact of motivated reasoning around gun coverage. Motivated reasoning is the emotional bias which can have an effect on judgment or purpose someone to disregard records that don’t align with their ideals.
“If reality doesn’t suit what you want it to be, you have to trade what you consider – or you have to change reality,” Cassino explained.
That’s in which conspiracy theories are available in. If you oppose firearm restrictions, then the slaughter of 20 first graders and 6 adults at an basic school with an AR-15 is a real hassle for you. Cassino defined: “It’s less complicated for folks who consider strongly in gun rights to say it didn’t appear instead of alternate their minds” approximately guns.
One in 4 humans surveyed in the 2013 ballot stated they believed the fact approximately the school shooting turned into being hidden to assist a political time table. Many others have been unsure. People who adversarial new gun manage measures were much more likely to have doubts about the capturing.
Cassino stated the query approximately armed insurrection explored a perception that is commonly attributed best to individuals of militias and extremist organizations. The finding didn’t always imply that regular people would pick up palms, but it did display this perception turned into turning into part of the Republican partisan identity, Cassino stated.
“That is frightening because once something turns into a part of that perception structure, it turns into self-pleasing,” he stated. The perception of a probable armed revolt has considering that unfold thru the Republican Party and has been espoused by party leaders and elected officers.
“The actual armed riot that came about in January [2021] showed us this is a real stress in American politics that has gotten stronger and is not going away,” Cassino stated.
When the ballot got here out, some commentators used it to ridicule Republicans. Comedian Bill Maher, as an instance, tweeted about the take a look at: “So … forty four% of Rep.s think an ARMED REBELLION might be necessary within the following few years. So if u say most Rep.s r f–king nuts u’d be off with the aid of 7%.”
Others brushed off the findings completely. The Atlantic slammed the “doozy” of a poll as “fairly questionable.”
“The poll is at-exceptional semi-scientific and have to probably not be taken severely,” Philip Bump wrote. “It in reality have to not be written approximately by using different media stores.”

Today, Bump is a countrywide correspondent on the Washington Post who specializes inside the numbers in the back of politics and has written approximately the Jan. 6 insurrection.
In a recent telephone name, he told me he thinks his response to the 2013 poll became “over the top.” He nevertheless thinks Cassino’s numbers seem excessive compared to some recent findings, but Bump said he would now not brush aside the ballot nowadays like he did returned then.
“It glaringly takes on a miles specific mild given the ultimate 8 years,” he told me.
After the 2013 poll, Cassino said he became inundated with cellphone calls from human beings accusing him of being a part of a conspiracy to cast off weapons. Many of the calls had been made to his home range and have been threatening. The calls, along with the bad media insurance, dissuaded him from asking about armed insurrection in destiny polls, he advised me. Now, he wishes he had accumulated that facts.
Just after the 2021 rise up, a Zogby Poll discovered nearly half of of Americans – 46% – thought every other civil struggle become probable. The American Enterprise Institute observed that 4 in 10 Republicans notion political violence can be necessary. A more current survey published in November 2021 by means of the nonprofit Public Religion Research Institute observed that almost one-1/3 of Republicans – 30% – agreed with the announcement “genuine American patriots may also ought to motel to violence which will save our united states of america.”
Even the pragmatic oldsters on the nonpartisan Brookings Institution currently advised that the opportunity of a 2d civil war must no longer be disregarded: “We ought to no longer anticipate it couldn't occur and forget about the ominous signs that war is spiraling out of manage,” Brookings fellows William G. Gale and Darrell M. West warned.
Opposition to vaccines in the face of a worldwide pandemic and obstinate perception in Trump’s debunked claims approximately the 2020 presidential election have proven reporters and the public simply how much strongly held ideals can shape the notion of truth, Cassino said.
“People’s ideals approximately fact are infinitely malleable,” he stated. “I wish it wasn’t the case, because it's far honestly horrific for society. I desire I had been incorrect.”
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