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Praktický průvodce waldorfskou pedagogikou - zážitkový seminář ve třídách Waldorfské školy Olomouc s odborným výkladem

Termín:18.10.2012 (8:00 - 11:00)
Místo konání:Waldorfská základní škola a mateřská škola Olomouc
Anotace:Ukázková hodina s následnou konzultací s učitelem. Zájemci se podívají do epochy (8,00 - 9,40) a od 10,00 do 11,00 se jim budou věnovat učitelé a vysvětlí jim, co a jak i s ukázkami výuky na vlastní kůži. Cílem je, aby se účastníci seznámili se základními principy waldorfské pedagogiky. Dne 17.10. a 19.10. se konají menší uzavřené workshopy ve WZŠ Malba akvarelem a ve WMŠ Kdo si hraje, nezlobí (8.00 - 14.00 hod.).

Not all polarization is horrific, however the US can be in problem

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For the primary time, the US has been classified as a “backsliding democracy” in a global assessment of democratic societies by way of the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance, an intergovernmental research institution.
One key cause the record cites is the persevering with recognition among Republicans of false allegations of full-size voter fraud inside the 2020 presidential election.
But according to the corporation’s secretary fashionable, perhaps the “maximum concerning” issue of American democracy is “runaway polarization.” One yr after the Jan. 6 Capitol rise up, Americans’ perceptions about even the properly-documented activities of that day are divided alongside partisan lines.
Polarization looms large in lots of diagnoses of America’s modern-day political struggles. Some researchers warn of an drawing near “tipping factor” of irreversible polarization. Suggested remedies are available from across the partisan spectrum.
There are forms of polarization, as I talk in my ebook “Sustaining Democracy.” One isn’t inherently dangerous; the alternative may be. And collectively, they may be extraordinarily negative of democratic societies.
Political polarization is the ideological distance between adversarial parties. If the variations are big, it could produce logjams, standoffs and inflexibility in Congress and country and local governments. Though it could be frustrating, political polarization is no longer necessarily dysfunctional. It even can be useful, offering real choices for citizens and policymakers alike. Deep-seated disagreement can be wholesome for democracy, after all. The clash of reviews can assist us locate the fact. The clamor of ideological differences amongst political parties gives residents with shortcuts for making political alternatives.
Belief polarization, also called organization polarization, is specific. Interaction with like-minded others transforms people into more excessive variations of themselves. These extra excessive selves are also overly assured and consequently greater prepared to engage in risky behavior.
Belief polarization additionally leads humans to embrace more intensely bad emotions towards human beings with exclusive views. As they shift in the direction of extremism, they come to define themselves and others mostly in terms of partisanship. Eventually, politics expands beyond policy ideas and into complete life.
But that’s no longer all. As I give an explanation for in my book, as society sorts into “liberal” and “conservative” life, human beings develop more invested in policing the borders among “us” and “them.” And as people’s alliances cognizance on hostility toward those who disagree, they emerge as extra conformist and intolerant of differences amongst allies.
People develop less able to navigate confrontation, finally growing into citizens who consider that democracy is viable only whilst all people is of the same opinion with them. That is a profoundly antidemocratic stance.
Belief polarization is toxic for residents’ members of the family with each other. But the huge-scale political dysfunction lies in how political and notion polarization work collectively in a mutually reinforcing loop. When the citizenry is divided into clans which might be fixated on animus towards the alternative, politicians have incentives to increase hostility closer to their partisan warring parties.
And because the citizenry is divided over lifestyle choices as opposed to coverage thoughts, officeholders are released from the usual electoral strain to enhance a legislative platform. They can advantage reelection surely primarily based on their antagonism.
As politicians boost their rifts, residents are cued to entrench partisan segregation. This produces additional belief polarization, which in flip rewards political intransigence. All the whilst, positive political methods get submerged in the simply symbolic and tribal, whilst humans’s capacities for responsible democratic citizenship erode.
Remedies for polarization generally tend to attention on how it poisons residents’ members of the family. Surely President Joe Biden turned into accurate to stress in his inaugural deal with that Americans need to “decrease the temperature” and to “see each other not as adversaries, but as associates.”
Still, democracy presupposes political disagreement. As James Madison observed, the U.S. desires democracy exactly due to the fact self-governing citizens necessarily will disagree approximately politics. The reaction to polarization can not involve calls for unanimity or forsaking partisan rivalries. A democracy with out political divides is not any democracy at all.
The challenge is to render human beings’s political differences greater civil, to reestablish the capability to respectfully disagree. But this can not be completed truely with the aid of undertaking political discussions differently. Research suggests that after humans are polarized, publicity even to civil expressions of the other facet’s point of view creates extra polarization.
This is a case of the vital distinction between prevention and treatment. It’s now not sufficient to fake polarization hasn’t occurred, or to behave as though it’s a minor concern. In the present day scenario, even honest tries to respectfully engage with the opposite facet frequently backfire.
Yet Americans remain democratic residents, partners inside the shared challenge of self-government who can not really forget about one another.
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Polarization is a problem that can't be solved, but handiest controlled. It does make relations toxic among political warring parties, but it also hurts family members among allies. It escalates conformity inside coalitions, shrinking humans’s concepts of what tiers of war of words are tolerable in like-minded organizations.
It can be, then, that dealing with polarization should contain operating to counteract conformity by means of engaging in respectful disagreements with people we see as allies. By taking steps to take into account that politics constantly includes disputation, even amongst individuals who vote for the same applicants and associate with the same celebration, Americans may also begin to rediscover the capacity to respectfully disagree with opponents.

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