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Příprava „životního příběhu“ na příkladu antických bájí

Termín:4.4.2013 (9:00-12:00)
Místo konání:Dům dětí a mládeže Olomouc - velký sál
Anotace:Životní příběhy antických hrdinů jako imaginace vlastního příběhu ve výuce i v terapii. Rozdíl mezi pohádkou a legendou je ve formě výpovědi v imaginativní řeči. Pohádka hovoří bezprostředně k nejhlubším vrstvám lidské duše, zatímco legenda používá zobecnění lidského příběhu nike air max offerta v jeho ucelenosti. Mýty a legendy, zasazené v historickém kontextu, přinášejí ucelenost hodnotového systému a obrazy řešení nejnáročnějších životních situací. Výukově i terapeuticky jsou významné v posílení citového života a hodnotové orientace.

Pell became incorrect guilty the legal professionals, but they aren’t blameless

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When counsel assisting the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse positioned it to Cardinal George Pell closing week that his attorneys weren’t his ethical advisors, she become implying that he shouldn’t blame his lawyers for his pursuit of a morally bankrupt legal strategy. Pell turned into the customer. He gave the instructions.
But legal professionals can and have to play an essential position in supporting a purchaser step back and replicate. Lawyers owe clients a responsibility to act in the purchaser’s best pastimes. This may always involve assisting the client confirm what their best pastimes are.
It is the lawyer’s function (in particular in litigation, wherein expenses – mental, economic and, in this case, “non secular”, can be so excessive) to put alternatives to the patron and ask whether a “no holds barred” method is in reality inside the purchaser’s exceptional pastimes.
John Ellis changed into a victim of sexual abuse via a Catholic priest. Michael Eccleston, the church’s investigator, thoroughly tested Ellis’ allegations of abuse. Eccleston established, and pronounced to the church, that extreme abuse had happened.
Despite this, in protecting the claim Ellis made against the church, Pell followed an “attack dog” approach against Ellis. It appears from evidence given to the Royal Commission that Pell’s legal professionals, Corrs Chambers Westgarth, recommended this method and then prosecuted it with gusto.
In doing so, the lawyers lost sight of their obligation to act of their customer’s great interests. The attorneys had a responsibility to suggest Pell to bear in mind the cost to himself and to the church of pursuing the sort of method. They had a duty to signify to Pell different alternatives he might recollect, such as settlement.
If the lawyers had became their mind to the client’s fine hobbies, they cannot have believed that Pell and the church might pop out of the litigation unscathed, popularity intact. What value the church’s unassailed coffers, if its recognition for integrity, ethical management and pastoral care lies in tatters?
All legal professionals, even folks who see themselves as hired guns, owe obligations to the court docket. They have to not mislead the court. This is why Commissioner Peter McClellan turned into so taken aback by the actions of Pell’s lawyers.
Despite the fact that the church had universal the Eccleston record validating Ellis’ claim of abuse, Corrs told barristers to contest Ellis’ declare and positioned Ellis through days of pass-exam suggesting he became fabricating his allegations.
That pass-exam was, in McClellan’s words, “not essential” and “extraordinarily hurtful” to Ellis. It gave the court the wrong affect that the difficulty of whether or no longer the abuse had happened become in critical contest.
The legal professionals explained to McClellan that they had been “acting on commands” and that the go-exam turned into finished by means of senior recommend and they were no longer responsible for it. But McClellan might have none of that. They had misled the court docket, McClellan implied, and in doing so had breached their obligation to it.
Pell defined his moves to the Royal Commission via pronouncing he turned into counting on legal advice. The attorneys defined their actions as “acting at the consumer’s instructions” and counting on senior recommend.
In doing so, each parties had been the usage of rationalisations – mental methods that discover the maximum rational and convincing purpose for our behaviour, regularly with the aim of creating it appearance better than it truely is. Rationalisations are self-serving reasons that can lessen or neutralise the impact of the ethical troubles involved in a decision.
Psychology tells us that the strategies of rationalisation are distinctly seductive. And that when a rationalisation has been used to guide questionable behaviour, it may become deeply entrenched in our wondering.
It is easy to see with hindsight the rationalisations taking place inside the Ellis case. It became a merry-move-spherical of rationalisations. Pell become “performing on felony recommendation” and shielding the church’s property. The lawyers have been “acting on client’s commands” and preserving senior counsel answerable for how the case was prosecuted in courtroom.
And when they had commenced down that song, it seems neither celebration turned into capable to pull back and take a broader view of what changed into happening.
For lawyers, the message from all that is salutary. The proper responsibility to “act on instructions” can cause attorneys to lose sight of different critical and overarching responsibilities. Lawyers want to question their decisions, to step returned and do not forget things from special factors of view.
Importantly, lawyers need to invite themselves whether “I’m just appearing on commands” is excusing them from the essential ethical mirrored image that would otherwise occur after strong thinking from a Royal Commissioner.

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