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O čem snívá sv. Kateřina (Pouť obrazem a sochou za starou legendou)

Termín:26.4.2012 (13.00 - 16.00)
Místo konání:Dům dětí a mládeže Olomouc - velký sál
Anotace:Architektura, obraz, socha či předměty užitého umění se stanou východiskem pro specifické edukativní aktivity (tzv. animace) přinášející mimo poznání i výjimečný prožitek a učí netradičním způsobem vnímat umělecká díla. best iwc replica watches Při animacích lektoři čerpají z metod jazykové, dramatické a výtvarné výchovy. Důraz je kladen na rozvoj komunikativních dovedností a vlastní tvořivost. Účastníci se seznámí s metodikou přípravy animačního programu, aktivně se zúčastní ukázkového programu a pokusí se sami vytvořit funkční animační etudy.

bell hooks will by no means leave us – she lives on via the truth of her words

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secretary of ASALH
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I turned into added to the paintings of bell hooks for the first time when I turned into 14 years old, sitting on my Nana’s porch, complaining about the mosquitoes and the warmth.
My Nana, who changed into possibly pissed off via my countless complaints approximately being bored, stuck a copy of “Ain’t I A Woman” in my hand and instructed me simply to “shut up and read.” I take into account that summer time because when I read that ebook, all we talked about turned into bell hooks and who she become and who I wanted to be. I stated then that I wanted to be a creator, like bell hooks, and change the sector with my words.
I took her phrases with me once I went off to university, and via then, I had my very own canine-eared copies of some of her books. I went to her paintings on every occasion I had to be reminded of my power. The world felt an awful lot safer while bell hooks and Toni Morrison and Maya Angelou were at the front line, carving out a path to freedom and modeling what a Black girl’s resistance to a device hellbent on trying to make them small seemed like. bell hooks’ phrases went with me anywhere, even while they saved taking me lower back to myself.
I, like countless others over the past 40 years, become inspired by way of bell hooks, who died on Dec. 15, 2021, at 69. As a leading Black intellectual, hooks driven the feminist movement past the hold of the white and middle-elegance, encouraging Black and operating elegance views on gender inequality. She taught us approximately white supremacist capitalist patriarchal values – giving both the words to define it and the strategies to dismantle it. And unlike previous generations, she precipitated Black women like myself to look ourselves, declare ourselves and love ourselves with an unapologetic fierceness.
“No Black girl creator in this lifestyle can write ‘an excessive amount of,’” bell hooks as soon as wrote, “Indeed, no lady author can write ‘an excessive amount of’… No girl has ever written sufficient.”
I used to study her words to my sons once I became preserving them in my arms, determined to exercise “liberative parenting” and raise my Black sons as Black feminists.
I met bell hooks in man or woman several instances in my capability as an activist, an officer of the National Women’s Studies Association and as a student of African American studies. I even have heard her lecture and feature spoken with her, and whenever, I became speechless. In her presence, I became all over again the 14-year-antique, sitting at the porch, diving into her words and locating myself on the opposite side.
Her words, like my Nana’s hugs, usually sold me lower back to myself, telling me, coaxing me, pushing me to grow to be who I was supposed to be on this international.
I consider speaking her phrases to the wind, hoping that if I ever forgot who I changed into, the wind might strike a cord in me. Whenever I am hungry for truth, I turn to her work. When I want guide or encouragement, I turn to her work. When I want to be reminded of a way to love and combat, I flip to her paintings.
So once I heard, study, found out and eventually popular that bell hooks – genius, student, cultural critic, fact speaker, person who had the energy to name out and mission white supremacy and racism time and time again – had run on in advance to see how the quit is going to be, all I ought to do changed into sit and breathe.
I am not OK.
None people – feminists, students, activists, truth seekers, survivors – who have ever been touched by means of her paintings and her phrases are OK. Not these days. Not at this moment, and no longer for a minute.
It is not enough to say she saved me from reducing off my tongue, due to the fact unless you already know her genius, you will assume that this is just about violence and now not about salvation.
It is not sufficient to mention that she saved me from burning it all down, because until her brilliance, you may by no means understand how her phrases taught me a way to come via the fire and be better and stronger on the other side.
Because she wrote and posted considerably, “bell hooks” the writer – a pen name that she borrowed from her maternal first rate-grandmother, Bell Blair Hooks – will by no means depart us, but Gloria Jean Watkins, did. The solar isn't always shining as vibrant as while she turned into nonetheless with us.
My son referred to as to mourn with me and wanted to understand which books I could propose to a person who did now not recognise who bell hooks turned into and did not apprehend why we have been in mourning. I told him that they should begin with those 3, and once they have recovered from the reality of her phrases, they ought to then read her other 30-plus books and scholarly articles.
In perhaps one of her most provocative works, hooks gives a true and clear analysis of what it means to live and be a Black girl in a racist, misogynist world. If you need to apprehend what it means to be Black and a girl, you start right here and then keep going.
“It is plain that many women have appropriated feminism to serve their own ends, especially those white ladies who have been at the forefront of the motion; however instead of resigning myself to this appropriation I pick to re-suitable the term ‘feminism’, to awareness at the truth that to be ‘feminist’ in any actual experience of the time period is to need for all people, girl and male, liberation from sexist role patterns, domination, and oppression.” – Ain’t I a Woman
When I changed into in college and struggling with information and defining what it meant to be a feminist, my professor Jane Bond Moore gave me her reproduction of “Feminist Theory” and told me to apply it as a blueprint and a guide. This ebook is bell hooks at her first-rate, wielding her pen as a weapon and using it to name out and critique white feminism and white-supremacist capitalist patriarchy.
“Our emphasis must be on cultural transformation: destroying dualism, removing systems of domination. Our feminist revolution here may be aided via the example of liberation struggles led by means of oppressed peoples globally who withstand bold powers. The formation of an oppositional international view is vital for feminist warfare.” – Feminist Theory
As a former center college teacher and present day professor, my intention was to discover ways to teach college students how to transgress and why they ought to transgress against racial, sexual and class boundaries.
“Teaching to Transgress” lights the way for all and sundry who wants to use the lecture room as a beginning place to help our college students claim organization over their very own learning.
“We should usually declare idea as vital exercise inside a holistic framework of liberatory activism.” – Teaching to Transgress
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