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Mně se to nemůže stát!? Aneb Ženy a alkohol II.

Termín:2.5.2013 (12:15 -15:15)
Místo konání:Boskovice - letní škola
Anotace:Celodenní akce - dopolední a odpolední workshop patří k sobě. Sociologické modely výkladu alkoholismu, makrospolečenské pozadí. Rozlišení abúzu alkoholu. Koncepce „problémů spojených s alkoholem“. Sociálně psychologické problémy léčby alkoholismu. Charakteristické znaky rizika alkoholismu u žen, alkohol v těhotenství. Žen,které pijí, přibývá. Počet alkoholiček ve srovnání s počtem alkoholiků je udáván v poměru l:6 až l:l. Proč je značné procento alkoholiček vzdělaných a vdaných? Proč převažuje pití u žen mezi 40 – 50 roky?

Is area tourism traveling quicker than space regulation?

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Space tourism is fast becoming the new frontier in the transportation enterprise. Driven via profit-making non-public project capital, the push to provide clients some direct or indirect enjoy with space journey is now not the stuff of comic books or technological know-how fiction. The worry is that the legal architecture for this nascent enterprise has barely got its foundations in order.
There seems to be a legitimate enterprise case for the industry. Market studies imply that there are a couple of thousand sub-orbital passengers per 12 months and this is capable of producing international marketplace figures topping $1 billion with the aid of the give up of this decade.
Virgin Galactic has signed up extra than 200 prospective space travelers out of a ability pool of 30,000. Spaceships including XCOR’s suborbital vehicle designed in particular for space visitor flights were built. The Ansari X-Prize keeps to spur opposition for new flight modes, and hundreds of tickets were offered at around $100,000 apiece.
Supporting infrastructure for area tourism has already been hooked up in New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Wisconsin and Florida. The United Kingdom has recently also unveiled 8 ability space ports. The UK has invested $90 million into improvement of a progressive, hybrid UK spacecraft Skylon.
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Singapore have forwarded plans to establish spaceports. Nigeria, meanwhile, seeks to position a person in space.
Developments are hurtling in advance with dizzying pace whereas the frame of space regulation upon which area tourism need to be primarily based remains clunky, and is designed by way of and big to use most effective among sovereign states. A rare spirit of worldwide felony and medical socialism has infused space law because its inception by means of statesmen, global bureaucrats and enthusiastic medical advisors who were awe-struck via the rapid fulfillment and prospects of area travel.
Hence space law proceeds commendably under brotherly ideals inclusive of the “province of mankind” and the “commonplace historical past of mankind” ideas determined in the Outer Space Treaty (1967) and Moon Treaty (1979) respectively. Astronauts and area gadgets ought to be returned to their respective states even when they land in opposed territory below the Astronaut Treaty (1968).
Space-lively states alternatively are answerable for cost of restore and repayment for all accidents or harm resulting from their objects in keeping with the Space Liability Convention of 1971. In reality all regarded pretty settled within the little recognized international of space attorneys until the advent of space tourism.
Ironically sufficient, it fell upon submit-communist Russia to pioneer the arrival of area tourism properly beforehand of the runaway loose market area electricity the United States. In 2001 Russia, launched the first area visitor, American millionaire Dennis Tito, by permitting him to visit and live on International Space Station Alpha as a industrial space traveler. NASA opposed the move announcing that the passenger might be a protection danger. The US emphasised that Tito’s ride was to be taken into consideration a one-time exemption and he had to signal an settlement that he might no longer wander thru American segments of the station with out an escort.
Since then area tourism has been largely designed across the concept of private participation in outer space sports. This is unsettling positive prison concepts and categories that took painstaking attempt to put into place over the past 60 years of worldwide law of outer space affairs.
The language of space law is such that it expects, if not requires most effective states to play distinguished roles in outer space. Ultimately states are accountable for the moves in their nationals in space. And this is just the begin of the terminological, ideological and different socio-criminal confusion which afflicts the law and practice of area tourism.
Where does outer area legally start? Where does airspace give up? Are low orbit flights or weightlessness reports generated by using parabolic flights a mis-sold provider for the reason that penetration of outer space won't have happened? Who is an astronaut? Are travelers covered through area treaties written for astronauts and medical personnel? What takes place while one traveler smashes a bottle of rum on the head of another? Thousands of combinations of crook and civil jurisdictional nightmares will cascade down from the heavens over the following couple of years.
Some states might also certainly prefer to limit the exploration of outer space through non-public our bodies within their territories in order no longer to be accountable inside the occasion of damage because of their movements. Some states have already drawn precise attention to the want for edition of the Montreal Convention guidelines on International Air Carrier Liability to include cowl for area tourism.
There also are other clean risks inherent in a no-holds-barred, liberal capitalistic time table for area tourism championed via enterprise pursuits from some states. Atmospheric and outer area pollutants will inexorably increase. Space particles, space accidents, airspace collusion are all clear opportunities. There may be an growth of political tensions because of trespass in airspace.
Economic competition, economic screw ups and highbrow belongings troubles are only some of the ability avenues for disputes amongst states and their company hobbies. And that is all inside the fantastically close embrace of our earth’s orbit; as soon as vacationers set their sights on Mars then the legal professionals will simply start incomes their stripes.

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