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Termín:11.10.2012 (12:15 -15:15)
Místo konání:Dům dětí a mládeže Olomouc - velký sál
Anotace:Přistupujeme k rodičům dětí s postižením nebo dětí se zkušeností s drogou jako k partnerům, nebo jako k objektu vzdělávání a výchovy? Rodiče procházejí po zjištění, že dítě je postižené nebo experimentuje s návykovými látkami, různými fázemi. Učitelé by měli tyto fáze rozpoznat a tím se vyvarovat zbytečným komunikačním blokům a nedorozuměním. Rozbor možných situací a nácvik dovedností jednání s rodiči.

Ghislaine Maxwell guilty in Epstein sex trafficking trial: What the case discovered about woman sex offenders

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British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell has been convicted for her position in luring and grooming ladies to be sexually abused via the American financier Jeffrey Epstein.
In a courtroom in lower Manhattan, Maxwell – a close friend of Epstein’s – changed into found guilty of five counts including intercourse trafficking a minor. She now faces a most sentence of 65 years in the back of bars.
The verdict comes extra than years after Epstein took his personal existence whilst in prison anticipating trial on expenses together with conspiracy to traffic underage girls for intercourse.
Maxwell’s trial provided an opportunity for victims of Epstein and Maxwell to present court testimony about the abuse they experienced. The case additionally highlights the importance of information intercourse offenses perpetrated through women.
Maxwell became convicted on fees consisting of trafficking a minor for sexual functions and conspiracy to move an individual under the age of 17 throughout nation traces with the purpose of undertaking unlawful sexual pastime. To date, Maxwell is the handiest person to stand trial for the abuse of those ladies.
We have studied girls who have been convicted of sexual assault, abuse and human trafficking, in addition to public attitudes closer to intercourse offenders. Our research, and that of others, shows the similarities and differences between male and lady sexual offenders.
The majority of intercourse offenders are believed to be male. Charges lodged in opposition to girls may also consist of sexual abuse of youngsters but frequently involve grooming or trafficking ladies without enticing within the act of sexually abusing the kid.
Estimates of the proportion of sexual abuse devoted by girls range from 1% while primarily based on conviction prices to 40%, in step with a few surveys of people who are survivors of sexual abuse.
But arrest and conviction fees may additionally underrepresent the real quantity of woman sex offenders because the ones who have been assaulted by a lady are less in all likelihood to file the abuse. It is assumed this outcomes from social norms that outline sexual attack as being perpetrated by men, and rape myths that say boys should constantly need intercourse or could not be overpowered with the aid of a female.
Female offenders also are less probable than men to be arrested and convicted. And, if they may be convicted, they typically acquire shorter sentences than male offenders.
Women who dedicate sexual offenses range from male offenders in lots of ways. Female offenders are more likely to offend in a caregiving role, which includes babysitter, teacher, discern or mother or father of the victim.
The victims of female offenders are regularly younger than those of male offenders, and female offenders are similarly probably to offend in opposition to lady and male victims.
However, the maximum placing distinction is that girl offenders are six times much more likely than male offenders to have a co-culprit, that means two or greater humans participate in the abuse of the identical victim.
Elements of this profile of a female offender in shape what we now realize of Maxwell. She participated with Epstein, a male co-perpetrator numerous years her senior. In court docket, victims portrayed Maxwell as someone whom they initiallybelieved they might believe, viewing her like a chum or an older sister.
In testimony and interviews, Epstein’s victims record that the presence of Maxwell before and in the course of the attacks made them feel that they had been safe. The sufferers wondered their feelings that what became occurring changed into actually rape or sexual assault. They record ignoring red flags because they felt that if Maxwell acted as if the situation have been normal, they ought to be incorrect in feeling violated.
Research indicates that ladies can be concerned via recruiting and manipulating the sufferers into dangerous situations and helping to provide a sense of safety for the sufferers. They can also coerce or manage the victim, or behave in sexually abusive approaches in front of, or at the same time as, the male abuser.
Victims of Epstein have stated that the financier’s lady co-offenders – which include Maxwell – engaged in all of these kinds of abuse.
In the Maxwell trial, the courtroom heard how she pressured sufferers into sexual acts with Epstein, might speak to the women about intercourse and sexually touch the sufferers.
Women co-offend for lots motives. Some may additionally abuse victims for motives similar to male offenders – as an instance, to gain power, to retaliate in opposition to someone or because of sexual deviance.
However, many are coerced or compelled by means of the male co-offender.
During the closing argument in Maxwell’s trial, each those photos of the girl sexual offender had been provided. Assistant U.S. Attorney Alison Moe characterized Maxwell as a “state-of-the-art predator who knew exactly what she changed into doing.” “She ran the identical playbook time and again and once more,” Moe said.
Defense lawyer Laura Menninger framed Maxwell as a victim of Epstein’s manipulation, stating, “It changed into clean Epstein changed into a manipulator of all people round him. Someone like Jeffrey Epstein is usually trying to manipulate the humans round them – use his role to manipulate people and play them off towards one another.”
If there may be one fantastic outcome of the high-profile trial of Maxwell, it's far that it has shown that perpetrators of sexual abuse may be women.
In our revel in, many sexual violence prevention programs, materials and public carrier bulletins universally depict perpetrators as men simplest. This not best teaches youngsters to fear guys however also may also make capacity victims much more likely to accept as true with a woman, even if her behavior is coercive, manipulative or abusive.
Prevention applications may be designed to specifically deal with women as potential perpetrators to save you abuses, which includes the ones alleged within the Maxwell case.
This is an up to date model of an article at the beginning posted on Sept. 24, 2019 .

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