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Hildebert, Everwin a…myš! (Doba románská na Dómském návrší)

Termín:29.3.2013 (13.00-16.00)
Místo konání:Domašov nad Bystřicí - víkendová akce
Anotace:Architektura, obraz, socha či předměty užitého umění se stanou východiskem pro specifické edukativní aktivity (tzv. animace) přinášející mimo poznání i výjimečný prožitek a učí netradičním způsobem vnímat umělecká díla. Při animacích lektoři čerpají z metod jazykové, dramatické a výtvarné výchovy. Důraz je kladen na rozvoj komunikativních dovedností a vlastní tvořivost. Účastníci se seznámí s metodikou přípravy animačního programu, aktivně se zúčastní ukázkového programu a pokusí se sami vytvořit funkční animační etudy.

Innocents will go through as legal cuts placed paid to due manner

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It’s no longer regularly you notice bewigged barristers take to the streets waving placards in protest, however such were the scenes out of doors the Old Bailey and different courts around the united states of america as defence lawyers confirmed against deliberate cuts of £220m to felony useful resource. We can be getting into what George Osborne calls, the year of “hard truths”, and, in reality, Osborne’s speech on Monday forecast a few complication for welfare claimants. But each bit as pertinent is how authorities cuts are reshaping the criminal justice system and dictating the character of its operation.
Savings in the crook technique are precipitating a shift from due system values to those of crime control. The difference between these techniques turned into famously articulated by way of Herbert Packer inside the 1960s and stays pertinent today.
Under crime control, the crucial feature of the crook procedure is the repression of criminal behaviour. The centre of gravity lies in the early, administrative, reality-finding tiers working beneath a factual presumption of guilt. The approach sees nothing wrong in setting up affairs in order that stress is put on the defendant to confess. Conviction of the responsible is all-critical and the unsuitable conviction of a few harmless defendants is visible as an unlucky however ideal rate to pay. This approach needs as few restrictions as viable on the ones tasked with investigation and stands in competition to guidelines limiting unlawful arrest or coercive interrogations. To those ends, defendants need to simplest be allowed get admission to to illustration in a minority of instances.
In assessment, due manner is extra involved with upholding the rights of the defendant. The due system version lacks confidence in pre-trial reality-finding enterprises. Great emphasis is placed on the opportunity of mistakes. Adversarial tactics are championed, with instances taken into consideration publicly in a proper hearing with an unbiased tribunal. As such, selections are most effective made after defendants were furnished the possibility to discredit the case against them. The right to illustration is valuable, so that you can allow the remedies and sanctions that check this manner to be nicely enacted. This role is premised upon the perception of the equality of arms, so each man or woman need to have the capability to contest a charge against them. This necessitates that – in which the device lets in the right to be represented by means of a legal professional yet the man or woman can't have enough money to instruct one – the kingdom ought to offer one for free.
While retaining its legitimacy via professing due manner ideas, which include criminal useful resource legal professionals and the proper to an attraction, the crook justice system of England and Wales is increasingly more crime manage in its purposeful truth. Values are moving below the ideological effect of austerity.
This week’s exceptional mass walkout and demonstrations by criminal defence lawyers highlights the way in which proposed legal aid cuts have the ability to spoil country provision of crook representation as we understand it. Defence legal professionals will see average pay reduced by 17.five%. In vicinity of access to justice may be a sausage manufacturing facility approach as defendants are became standardised products with the aid of attorneys who do no longer have the time to offer a customized provider.
Research has proven that expanded criminal useful resource pressures will imply legal professionals feel an increasing number of pressured to push their customers to plead guilty as quick as viable. Legal advice deserts that emerge in positive geographical places and round certain low-remunerative forms of case will imply unrepresented defendants – with higher degrees of self-incrimination and, once more, a more expectation for early guilty pleas.
Defence legal professionals, though, are now not by myself in facing such systemic pressures; tasked with creating a 27% discount to its budget by 2015, the Crown Prosecution Service has reduce nearly 1 / 4 of its lawyers within the beyond three years. As they hold greater casework in-residence, there are issues of declining standards; because of lack of experience and over burdensome workloads, it's miles feared that the excellent of advocacy has been reduced.
The expectation appears to be that prosecutors have to now not burn up as lots strength on casework (as evident from increasing numbers of collapsed instances). With an ever-greater throughput of guilty pleas, then, this quit is achieved and there may be much less work for them to do. in concept, at the least, defendants must bypass thru the gadget greater fast (in practice, unrepresented defendants frequently take extensive quantities of court docket time).
As a part of the same fashion are government proposals to reduce judicial reviews – charging more to bring about a assessment, decreasing the eligibility for pre-software investment and shortening the length wherein they may be raised. Judicial assessment is one of the handiest approaches courts can scrutinise the selections of public bodies. But, the prime minister, David Cameron desires to see a reduction inside the quantity of such opinions, with the intention to apparently lessen “time-losing”; cutting through the “red tape” of, what he dismisses as, “bureaucratic rubbish”.
The example most customarily disregarded with the aid of the authorities is the supposedly frivolous legal aid for prisoners to review parole board selections. Such cuts deny a human proper to vulnerable humans in want of rehabilitation again into society, no longer similarly marginalisation. They assert the perception that the nation is constantly correct; residents need to genuinely agree.
What emerges is a criminal offense manage gadget in which state decisions on residents are short and very last. While this might sound tremendous to folks who bemoan the inadequacy of our legal machine to impose adequate punishment on wrongdoers, what it honestly way is that this often occurs greater thru success than judgement. Without right strategies in vicinity to scrutinise evidence against an individual, the great strength of the nation regularly is going untested.
Justice on the cheap is not any justice at all. Under Packer’s models, due method gives an impediment route – we will have faith in our kingdom decision-making apparatus as it has long past through a radical process of exams. It is these due technique worries which have allowed its advocates to trumpet England and Wales because the best prison device in the international. But if the crook justice system as a substitute emerges from those deep cuts as little more than a criminal offense manage machine, evoking the picture of an meeting-line conveyor belt with an endless stream of instances flowing down it, there may be no case for the defence of justice in England and Wales. Justice is sacrificed to keep money.

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