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Termín:25.4.2013 (12:15 -15:15)
Místo konání:Dům dětí a mládeže Olomouc - velký sál
Anotace:Půjdeme po stopách Westona A. Pricea, praktického zubního lékaře, jehož publikace se stává bestsellerem mezi současnými zubními lékaři. On sám ve 30. letech 20. století zápasil se zubním kazem a deformacemi u amerických pacientů a jenž se rozhodl začít zkoumat zdraví, nikoliv nemoc. Hledal a studoval primitivní izolované skupiny, aby mezi nimi našel standard zdravého člověka, sleduje přitom jeho domorodou stravu a zásady, které k jeho zdraví vedly. Nejprve se zaměřil na zuby, avšak brzy zjistil, že zuby jsou jen jedním z mnoha dalších ukazatelů zdravotního stavu člověka. Všímal si i tvarů postav a dalších rysů primitivních lidí, které nám vyprávějí dnes naléhavěji než kdy jindy jednoduchý a důležitý příběh. Priceova rozsáhlá fotodokumentace a psané záznamy mohou pomoci v otázkách životosprávy.

Is Trump’s definition of ‘the rule of law’ the same as the USA Constitution’s?

David Mednicoff does no longer paintings for, seek advice from, own stocks in or acquire funding from any organization or organisation that might advantage from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their instructional appointment.
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News which include the current federal court docket decision in opposition to President Donald Trump’s proposed tour ban and James Comey’s public Senate testimony serve as activities for outrage among critics approximately the president’s disrespect for “the rule of law.”
Many outstanding lawmakers, regulation professors and reporters, among others, see the brand new administration as flouting this cornerstone fee of American prison politics.
But what is the rule of law?
As a attorney and political scientist who research this question in diverse Arab nations and some other place, I can confirm that the answer is not apparent. The rule of law means a range of factors inside and throughout countries. And they're not always constant.
This enables make experience of the truth that Trump and a number of his supporters can also honestly advise one model of the guideline of law. It simply occurs to be a model extra dominant in nondemocratic political structures.
Like “democracy” or “equality,” the rule of law is a popular ideal, however not constantly a clear one. For this motive, United Nations officers have tried to define it. Prominent organizations just like the World Bank have measured it thru basic indices, or multifaceted criteria, along with civil rights, order and protection, constraints on government electricity and absence of corruption.
Yet the use of an appealing word to explain unique social phenomena will have real political results.
The “rule of regulation” has at the least two wide definitions that exist in obvious anxiety.
One is a dominant dogma of American political records, as conveyed through Founding Father John Adams’ succinct word: “a central authority of laws, no longer guys.” The idea here is simple. Government leaders, like several residents, need to no longer be above the law, but sure through it. This means, as an example, that a U.S. senator who extorts cash isn't any extra proof against being charged with this crime than an regular American.
A second viable which means, in anxiety with the primary one however present in democracies however, is that law ensures that people obey government.
Let’s first remember the rule of regulation as John Adams and the U.S. Constitution’s framers defined it.
The U.S. Constitution and courts’ mandate to check specific laws define the guideline of regulation as a fee and a set of methods that offer felony safety to all Americans. The framers of the Constitution stressed in Federalist 78 the want for judges with autonomy from politics who may want to shield essential citizen rights. Equality under the law was popularized as a foundation of the rule of law inside the wider English-talking world through the nineteenth century.
This has no longer supposed that every one Americans, in fact, revel in identical criminal assets. Nor has it prevented effective people or groups from the usage of legal guidelines to their benefit. Nonetheless, establishments that enforce the concept that felony regulations and tactics bind every body, together with leaders, are significant to the U.S. and other countries. The expectation that policies may be carried out to everybody also underpins the modern-day international prison device.
The rule of regulation, understood as legal guidelines over leaders, takes on added significance within the U.S. Here, a comparatively huge proportion of humans grow to be lawyers. In flip, many legal professionals end up bureaucrats and politicians. American leaders with legal education are knowledgeable to focus on unique guidelines, procedures and close reading of prison texts.
Because of this, many government officers and contributors of the private and public-interest regulation corporations who rotate inside and out of government care about details of prison guidelines, strategies and transparency. A chief like Trump, whose tweets denigrate the neutrality of American judges, who refuses to submit to the same expectancies of his friends or other citizens and who appears to intrude with an critical felony inquiry, increases the hackles of other attorneys and politicians.
Many Americans who're educated in the importance of the autonomy of laws will mistrust a leader who seems now not to appreciate such autonomy. Thus, it became no longer unexpected that as quickly as Trump have become president, attorneys mobilized in opposition to an government mind-set that demeans their experience of the guideline of regulation.
Yet, Trump and a few supporters seem to include a distinct information of the guideline of law. The president has in truth stated his determination to the rule of law. Some argue that his leadership on positive problems, which include enforcing immigration law, has confirmed this commitment. This isn't always simply a case of alternative media. It underscores the importance of multiple meanings for the rule of thumb of regulation.
Trump appears to view the rule of law as deference to political authority and efficient law enforcement. This consists of establishments that execute legal guidelines, which is probably summarized as “law enforcement officials, courts, and clinks” (jails).
Part of candidate Trump’s enchantment became his repeated price that people within the U.S. who broke the law, especially undocumented immigrants, had been policed inadequately. Since taking workplace, he has burdened enhancing police strength and loyalty to authority, specially his own.
This is hardly ever a fringe which means of the guideline of regulation. Efficient enforcement and state order are important additives of a felony machine that still embraces residents’ rights and protections. Yet these key facets of the guideline of law don’t always sit down together properly. Strong policing can accompany denial of identical protection to suspected criminals, styles of brutality and racism. Leaders’ herbal hobby in robust and green law enforcement and citizen loyalty can override their legal duty.
Different political structures strike extraordinary balances with this anxiety. This helps give an explanation for Trump’s fondness for presidential immunity from maximum crook prosecution and a few war-of-interest standards. This and his impatience with protest and complaint towards him seem to show that the brand new president cares about law as a device to bolster his authority instead of to decorate ordinary Americans’ rights. The world is clearly seeing a fashion closer to leaders like Egypt’s President Sisi and Turkey’s President Erdogan who wish to control law, in place of subordinate themselves to it.
Trump, and Americans who don't forget him a robust chief, likely trust in the rule of thumb of law, as they recognize it. The controversy amongst many lawyers is that the level to which the new administration elevates performance, enforcement and govt privilege tramples their dominant feel of the rule of thumb of law as authorities through laws, not humans.
Growing conflicts among the Trump administration and a range of attorneys, judges and activists stem, in part, from every side invoking real, contestable ideas of the rule of thumb of law.
Naturally, despite the fact that Trump and a few supporters share a actual belief in the rule of thumb of law as enforcement and order, this does not justify acts he may additionally have taken that violate American legal guidelines. It need to nonetheless serve as a reminder that using complicated concepts like the rule of law without context or nuance may make it a good deal tougher to understand important and authentic underlying political disagreements.
Indeed, the sector may be witnessing less a clean rejection of democracy as a more diffused pass by many elected leaders to pay attention electricity in authoritarian approaches. With Trump’s occasional appreciation of leaders with robust electricity, it turns into in particular crucial to make clear what he way through the rule of thumb of law. That manner, every of us can decide whether his criminal values are similar to our own.

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