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Termín:12.4.2012 (9:00-12:00)
Místo konání:Dům dětí a mládeže Olomouc - velký sál
Anotace:Jak dosáhnout precizní výslovnosti i u těch nejmenších? Jak děti motivovat a nenudit? Kurz přípravné angličtiny je specifickou metodikou výuky angličtiny pro děti mladšího školního věku (1. - 2. ročník ZŠ), která využívá rytmu, rýmu, melodie a smyslového vnímání. Autorka spojuje hudební, pohybové a dramatické formy výuky s důrazem na fonetickou a intonační stránku jazyka, Swiss Replica Cartier složitější fráze zhudebňuje a upevňuje pohybovými kreacemi, využívá přirozené schopnosti dětí spojovat nové vjemy se smyslovým a prožitkovým vnímáním. Praktické ukázky nácviku některých problematických jevů (výslovnost, prvotní slovní zásoba a fráze), cvičení k eliminaci chyb ve výslovnosti a další aktivizující metody budou na workshopu doplněny o projekci živých nahrávek z výuky. Prakticky zaměřený workshop je inspirací i pro učitele vyšších ročníků, některé z inovativních technik jsou použitelné bez ohledu na věk studentů. replica watches

Mourning after mass shootings isn’t enough – a sociologist argues that society’s messages about masculinity need to alternate

Darcie Vandegrift is affiliated with Vandegrift Huting Consulting LLC, Drake University, and the Metropolitan Council. The thoughts expressed on this essay do now not necessarily mirror the ones of her affiliations.
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This week Americans marked the anniversary of the tragic lack of youngsters and instructors at Sandy Hook.
After any mass shooting, Americans listen politicians make the ritualistic name for “thoughts and prayers.” Yet years after the killing of those 20 basic college students and six team of workers, school shootings keep to regularly claim young lives, most these days in Oxford, Michigan. There have been extra than 30 in the U.S. in the course of 2021 by myself – and extra than six hundred mass shootings of any kind, in step with the Gun Violence Archive. The archive defines a mass taking pictures as an incident with 4 or more people injured or killed, not which include the offender.
Thoughts and prayers aren't enough. As a person who specializes in children studies, I might argue for a deeper exploration of the hassle. A social-contextual analysis would take a look at how shooters’ shared traits interact with their environment to cause them to capable of the unimaginable acts they dedicated.
The Sandy Hook tragedy was a part of a venomous chain: Aurora, Charleston, Orlando, Las Vegas, and different public mass killings. These repeated mass shooting-suicides that arise whilst afflicted boys and men flip to weapons are a long way too much like one another.
After Sandy Hook, too many factors described these terrible occasions as bizarre to a deranged person or because of the sole thing of intellectual contamination. An overly simplistic clarification of shooters as mentally ill is used as a diversionary political tactic against gun reform. This explanation is both terrifying – due to the fact the actions of a person like this killer can come out of nowhere – and comforting, in that we do no longer preserve any obligation or obligation.
These shooters have common elements. They were all guys. In the case of Sandy Hook, Charleston and Des Moines, the shooters had been white.
They apparently skilled a lifestyles of extreme emotional pain. They confirmed signs of a disturbing life, like severe social isolation, school or job failure or circle of relatives estrangement.
But these shootings are symptoms of a deeper public health crisis that we are not speaking about. Scholarship on mass shootings demonstrates a pattern for school shooters, specially, wherein the essential understanding of masculinity combines with the cultural script of brilliant mass violence.
As sociologist Michael Kimmel determined, maximum school suicide-homicide shootings after 1990 have been completed by way of white boys. Instead of displaying resilience or inquiring for help, some white boys who're bullied, underneath threat or disrespected turn to aggression and revenge as a toxic salve, using prior bills of beyond shootings as a script for their personal acts of suicidal mass violence.
This way of imagining manhood amplifies the worst messages our tradition gives – that guys should no longer reveal pain and vulnerability or are seeking for assist. Instead, a toxic masculinity emerges to place forth the concept that after white guys are hurting, they are entitled to act violently towards others to cover emotions of vulnerability.
The link between the taboo on white male vulnerability and poisonous white male violence permeates regular lifestyles. Boys are four times as likely as women to suppose that everyday aggression, like reducing in line or combating, is appropriate.
Often, debasing others’ humanity includes now not guns however racist, sexist or homophobic components that aren't visible as violent. The worst insults lobbed at inclined guys are that they may be female or gay. These ideas reside inside the cultural ether, every now and then emerging within the shape of ugly jokes, unwanted gropes or racist cartoons. Other men may inflict those values in methods that create ache but aren't right away lethal – consider sexual harassment or emotional abuse of wives or kids.
Everyone is exposed to this cultural smog that sends men messages of unearned entitlement and superiority. Some unfavourable elements of white masculinity even experience ordinary and unremarkable, which includes when a determine tells a boy toddler to forestall “crying like a female.” Many men live with this smog or actively withstand it. But while mixed with pain or mental contamination, these toxic elements can take a devastating turn.
Americans have repeatedly visible times in which white boys who experience susceptible descend right into a horrific series of practices that look eerily acquainted. The Sandy Hook shooter painstakingly collected stories of other mass shootings as he deliberate. The cultural script of committing violence towards prone others will become a blueprint for boys to regain respectable masculinity.
This argument isn’t about condemning white men, or any men. Instead, I recommend that a public fitness crisis exists in which men be afflicted by undiagnosed depression and a lack of social connection, which might be embedded in poisonous masculinity. It’s approximately disposing of a cultural contaminant that offers terrible options for guys to fall returned on in tough instances when they want so that it will deal with their pain.
In acknowledging mass shootings as a cultural script and the limits of how we assemble masculinity, we can begin to take into account the way to change it. Ideas about masculinity are transmitted through a couple of channels – the circle of relatives, media, amusement, colleges, college campuses, politics and the military – and we can interrupt it in those channels, too. White parents, for examples, can educate boys other definitions of the way to “be a man,” ones that don’t see aggression as “natural.”
If we want to certainly trade the weather this is allowing these horrors, mourning rituals aren't sufficient. We can ward off at empty “thoughts and prayers” sentiments and assist public figures who take duty for converting how we train white boys what it means to be guys.
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Public health interventions against violence rightfully advise tighter gun manage and gender-conscious mental fitness take care of white men. We can assume nondefensively about how dominant constructions of white masculinity in regular life offer fodder for feelings of entitlement found in suicide mass shootings.
While talking about how entitlement, racism and violence contaminate masculinity is a tough communique, continuing to endure the effects is even worse.
This is an up to date model of an editorial in the beginning published on Dec. 14, 2016.

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