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Termín:8.11.2012 (12:15 -15:15)
Místo konání:Dům dětí a mládeže Olomouc - velký sál

How democracy receives eroded – instructions from a Nixon professional

Ken Hughes is a researcher with the Presidential Recordings Program of the University of Virginia's Miller Center. The software's work is funded in element through presents from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission.
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Now that a complete year has surpassed because the Jan. 6, 2021, assault at the Capitol, the 2020 election and the republic, it’s obvious that the assault by no means absolutely ended. Instead, it unfold out to other, much less seen, greater susceptible targets.
Donald Trump had was hoping to reverse his election loss in a single, decisive, dramatic confrontation among his supporters and the republic’s, broadcast live round the arena. His plan backfired, filling our displays with vibrant illustrations of authoritarianism’s maximum repugnant ills: chaos, lawlessness, violence, racism, fascism and all way of hatred run amok. The blatancy of the subversion provoked a right away backlash, even among some Republicans.
Had he studied democratic erosion before becoming a practitioner, Trump would recognize that effective authoritarians tighten their grips on government regularly, stealthily undermining courts, legislatures, election officers, news organizations, political competition and other establishments sturdy sufficient to test them.
The coup by means of one thousand cuts is the stuff of nightmares for democracy’s defenders and the dream of authoritarian politicians.
“The story of democratic erosion in other international locations is that it occurs invisibly, you don’t have this tanks-in-the-streets moment,” Brendan Nyhan instructed The New Yorker. Nyhan is a Dartmouth political scientist and co-director of Bright Line Watch, a group of political scientists who “reveal democratic practices, their resilience, and capacity threats.”
Democratic erosion in America relies upon at the conspiracy principle, unfavorable and demonstrably false, that the 2020 election become stolen. As the writer of a couple of books on Richard Nixon – who, before Trump, changed into the biggest conspiracy theorist to inhabit the White House that we recognize of – I see conspiracy theories much less as failures of rationality and more as triumphs of rationalization.
When Nixon muttered to White House aides that he changed into the sufferer of a conspiracy of Jews, intellectuals and Ivy Leaguers, “smug” human beings he stated positioned themselves above the regulation, he did so to justify arrogantly putting himself above the law. Nixon released a actual conspiracy against an imaginary one, plotting actual crimes – breaking into the Brookings Institution, leaking grand jury records damaging to Democrats – towards those he deemed real criminals, regardless of a chronic loss of proof.
Likewise, while conspiracy theorists falsely declare the final election was stolen, they’re setting the pieces in place for themselves to thieve the following one. Not by whatever as blatant as pressuring a vice president to publicly shirk his responsibility to certify the vote, however through subtler manner, along with taking over the offices that handle vote certification at the nation stage.
Rep. Jody Hice, a Republican who voted against certifying President Joe Biden’s victory, is walking to america Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, a Republican who would no longer bow to stress from Trump to “find” enough votes to opposite the election end result. Fifteen election-denying Republicans are going for walks for secretary of nation, in keeping with NPR, elevating the hazard that those who refuse to just accept the outcomes of the final presidential election will decide whether or not to certify the consequences of the following one.
Georgia’s Republican-controlled legislature found out who controls the birthday party by means of stripping Raffensperger of his vote on the nation election board, which units election policies and investigates allegations of fraud. They have also surpassed new election laws targeting nearby boards. “The legal guidelines permit Republicans to eliminate nearby officers they don’t like,” the New York Times stated. Most of those eliminated first of all were Democrats, as a minimum half of them people of color.
Georgia’s no longer alone. In at the least eight different states, Republican-managed legislatures took energy from those who kept the last election honest, along with secretaries of state and neighborhood election officials, and surpassed it to partisan entities, ABC News mentioned. Many, if now not all, of those secretaries of nation had been partisan officials, though they largely behaved in nonpartisan methods.
Much reporting has targeted rightly at the maximum distinguished result of lies about voter fraud, “vote casting integrity” rules. Those stories have centered on how little such regulation does to clear up the already-minuscule trouble of voter fraud in America, and on how a great deal the rules does to create issues for folks that need to vote, particularly if those people generally tend to vote Democratic.
Less attention has targeted at the influx of conspiracy theorists at the nearby stage of election management, wherein they might warp elections in several approaches. They should discriminate in enforcing voter-ID laws, make humans forged provisional ballots which might be challenge to undertaking, installation polling locations in ways that create long lines, and extra, stated Scott Seeborg, Pennsylvania kingdom director of All Voting Is Local, a nonpartisan group combating to “remove discriminatory boundaries to the poll.”
If election employees reject false accusations of election fraud, they may face dying threats. The news service Reuters documented over 800 adverse, threatening messages to election employees associated with the conspiracy theories, together with, “We’re coming after you and every other mother—-r that stole this election;” “Everyone with a gun goes to be at your house;” and “We are actually looking your children and cherished ones.”
These threats aren’t being screamed on television before the eyes of the outraged majority; they seem without caution, Reuters reports, regularly anonymously, in individual voicemail and email packing containers, inspiring fear with out scary backlash.
By these method and more, authoritarians are seizing the power to win elections with out prevailing a majority of the vote. This is something Nixon by no means dared try.
In each race he ran – for House, Senate, vice president and president – Nixon confronted an voters where Democrats held a numerical gain. This pressured him to moderate his politics and rules, to broaden their appeals to the bulk.
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Today, Republicans can win no longer most effective the White House, but the Congress and gerrymandered nation legislatures, with out winning a majority. “We are witnessing a minority takeover of our democracy,” constitutional regulation pupil Kermit Roosevelt wrote in TIME. It’s taking area no longer just nationally, however at the country and neighborhood stage.
This is why democracy’s defenders – Republicans, Democrats, and anybody of good will – must no longer make Trump’s mistake, wondering that the kingdom’s destiny can be decided in a single, public, climactic showdown. It relies upon on a thousand little struggles with great stakes, on unsung efforts of unknown heroes.

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