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Psychologická první pomoc

Termín:7.4.2012 - 8.4.2012 (sobota - 9.00-12.00, 14.00-17.00, neděle - 9.00-12.00)
Místo konání:Sluňákov - víkendové aktivity a letní škola
Anotace:Jak nabídnout psychologickou pomoc lidem, kteří se ocitli v tíživé životní situaci. Pedagogové se stále častěji dostávají do emočně vypjatých situací. Lektor předá zkušenosti ze své praxe krizového interventa, poradí, jak poskytovat psychologickou první pomoc na místě neštěstí či v běžném životě. Jak předat člověka (dítě) do další péče. Kurz je zaměřen prakticky, především na navazování kontaktu a umění naslouchat a být s druhými.

Celodenní strava v sobotu a půldenní v neděli včetně pití je hrazena z grantu, nic si brát nemusíte. Ubytování je možné za 150Kč/noc, to si prosíme vyřiďte individuálně s paní Vyhňákovou ze Sluňákova:
Jinak vzhledem k tomu, že do Horky jede MHD, není to na večerní odjezd a ranní příjezd náročné.

How conspiracy theories within the US have become more non-public, extra merciless and greater mainstream after the Sandy Hook shootings

Amanda J. Crawford carried out studies for this newsletter as a 2020-21 fellow with the University of Connecticut Humanities Institute. She is a countrywide board member of the Journalism & Women Symposium.
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Conspiracy theories are powerful forces within the U.S. They have damaged public health amid a global pandemic, shaken faith within the democratic procedure and helped spark a violent attack on the U.S. Capitol in January 2021.
These conspiracy theories are part of a risky misinformation disaster that has been building for years in the U.S.
American politics has lengthy had a paranoid streak, and perception in conspiracy theories is nothing new. But because the information cycle reminds us day by day, outlandish conspiracy theories born on social media now often achieve mainstream reputation and are echoed by humans in strength.
As a journalism professor at the University of Connecticut, I have studied the misinformation across the mass shooting that passed off at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14, 2012. I consider it the primary major conspiracy theory of the present day social media age, and I believe we are able to hint our contemporary predicament to the tragedy’s aftermath.
Nine years ago, the Sandy Hook taking pictures verified how fringe ideas could quickly emerge as mainstream on social media and win aid from various established order figures – even when the conspiracy concept focused grieving families of younger students and college group of workers killed at some point of the massacre.
Those who claimed the tragedy changed into a hoax showed up in Newtown, Connecticut, and pressured humans linked to the shooting. This provided an early example of the way incorrect information unfold on social media ought to cause real-global harm.
Social media’s position in spreading incorrect information has been well documented in latest years. The 12 months of the Sandy Hook shooting, 2012, marked the primary yr that extra than half of all American adults used social media.
It additionally marked a modern-day low in public trust of the media. Gallup’s annual survey has due to the fact that showed even decrease stages of trust inside the media in 2016 and 2021.
These two coinciding tendencies – which maintain to force misinformation – pushed fringe doubts approximately Sandy Hook speedy into the U.S. mainstream. Speculation that the shooting became a fake flag – an assault made to look as though it have been dedicated with the aid of someone else – commenced to circulate on Twitter and other social media websites almost immediately. Far-proper commentator and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and different fringe voices amplified those false claims.
Jones was currently determined liable via default in defamation cases filed by means of Sandy Hook households.
Mistakes in breaking information reports about the taking pictures, such as conflicting data on the gun used and the identification of the shooter, were spliced together in YouTube films and compiled on blogs as proof of a conspiracy, as my research suggests. Amateur sleuths collaborated in Facebook businesses that promoted the taking pictures as a hoax and lured new customers down the rabbit hole.
Soon, loads of established order figures, along with the 2010 Republican nominee for Connecticut lawyer trendy, Martha Dean, gave credence to doubts approximately the tragedy.
Six months later, as gun manipulate rules stalled in Congress, a university ballot located 1 in 4 human beings thought the fact about Sandy Hook became being hidden to develop a political schedule. Many others said they weren’t positive. The outcomes were so improbable that a few media stores wondered the poll’s accuracy.
Today, different conspiracy theories have accompanied a similar trajectory on social media. The media is awash with stories about the recognition of the weird QAnon conspiracy motion, which falsely claims pinnacle Democrats are a part of a Satan-worshipping pedophile ring. A member of Congress, U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, has additionally publicly denied Sandy Hook and different mass shootings.
But again in 2012, the spread of outlandish conspiracy theories from social media into the mainstream become a highly new phenomenon, and an indication of what was to return.
Sandy Hook also marked a turning factor within the nature of conspiracy theories and their goals. Before Sandy Hook, famous American conspiracy theories typically villainized shadowy elites or forces within the authorities. Many September 11 “truthers,” as an example, believed the government was at the back of the terrorist assaults, but they typically left sufferers’ households alone.
Sandy Hook conspiracy theorists accused family participants of those killed, survivors of the shooting, spiritual leaders, associates and primary responders of being a part of a central authority plot.
Newtown dad and mom have been accused of faking their kids’s deaths, or their very lifestyles. There have been also allegations they were a part of a infant sex cult.
This trade in conspiratorial targets from veiled authorities and elite figures to ordinary human beings marked a shift in the trajectory of American conspiracy theories.
Since Sandy Hook, survivors of many other high-profile mass shootings and assaults, inclusive of the Boston Marathon bombing and the Charlottesville vehicle assault, have had their trauma compounded with the aid of denial about their tragedies.
And the perverse concept of a politically connected pedophile ring has emerge as a key guiding principle in next conspiracy theories: Pizzagate and QAnon.
The form of harassment and death threats focused on Sandy Hook families has additionally turn out to be a not unusual fallout of conspiracy theories. In the Pizzagate conspiracy idea, the owners and employees of a Washington, D.C., pizza parlor imagined to be a part of a pedophile ring that blanketed politicians continue to be centered by using adherents of that conspiracy idea. In 2016, one guy drove masses of miles to research and fired his attack rifle inside the restaurant.
Some folks that stay skeptical of the COVID-19 pandemic have stressed the front-line health workers . Local election workers throughout the us of a had been threatened and accused of being a part of a conspiracy to scouse borrow the 2020 presidential election.
The legacy of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook is a legacy of misinformation – the start of a disaster that will probably plague the U.S. for years to come.
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