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Pojďte, budeme hrát divadlo!

Termín:5.5.2012 - 6.5.2012 (sobota - 9.00-12.00, 14.00-17.00, neděle - 9.00-12.00)
Místo konání:Sluňákov - víkendové aktivity a letní škola
Anotace:Navození důvěry a spolupráce a společná tvorba scénáře programu, typy her a jak je využít na jednotlivých stupních škol, smysly a jak s nimi pracovat při hrách, komunikace – tvořivý proces sdělování, realizace speciálních lekcí, zákonitosti divadelního představení.

Celodenní strava v sobotu a půldenní v neděli včetně pití je hrazena z grantu, nic si brát nemusíte. Ubytování je možné za 150Kč/noc, to si prosíme vyřiďte individuálně s paní Vyhňákovou ze Sluňákova:
Jinak vzhledem k tomu, že do Horky jede MHD, není to na večerní odjezd a ranní příjezd náročné.

To get human beings the assist they want from the government, postcards can be the solution

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President Joe Biden’s comprehensive social protection net bill faces a difficult street to passage. But if Democrats succeed in getting it thru the Senate and Biden signs and symptoms it, there’s some other project ahead for the law: How to get its many packages – presenting tax cuts for the middle class, expanding get right of entry to to low-cost housing, better training, fitness care coverage and infant care – to the human beings it targets to assist. If the folks who want those applications do now not realize about them or do not understand how to sign up, the packages won’t do any top.
Older, poorer, less knowledgeable and foreign-born humans often do no longer sign up for blessings to which they are entitled due to the fact they do now not realize approximately them or do now not recognize a way to get entry to them. Already, government companies are putting in web sites to offer facts approximately these packages and assist people decide whether or not they may be eligible for resource.
Our current studies reveals this might not definitely be the exceptional manner to engage with the folks who want this help the most. In a look at we just published, we were amazed to examine that postcards had been some distance greater effective at getting human beings linked to these sorts of services than setting up smartphone hotlines, web sites or electronic mail addresses. Although we carried out our work in 2016, the look at wasn’t posted until October 2021. To our knowledge, no most important social services outreach attempt has tried the usage of postcards in this way. We assume now is probably a terrific time.
Disadvantaged communities are areas where human beings suffer from severe monetary and social insecurity. Around the arena, public service companies have increasingly used websites and hotlines to have interaction with those groups, as they lessen expenses and boom convenience. Reaching deprived communities is critical, as they're most probably to be eligible for aid and maximum probably to want it – but least probably to get right of entry to it.
When it comes to dispensing resource globally, the U.N. and the World Bank praise the shifts to digital and call communications for making offerings extra accessible. They factor out that nearly anyone now has a cellphone, even in locations without advanced economies.
Many researchers have studied what sorts of messages paintings great to reach these groups. But almost nobody has examined which strategies of communicating these messages are only.
We are a group of social scientists from the University of California, Berkeley, Harvard University and Stanford University. Working with scholars and practitioners from the University of Washington and the Greek National Centre for Social Research, we conducted a subject test in low-income regions of Greece.
Our intention became to recognize how deprived communities understand the relative prices and benefits of the usage of both a smartphone hotline, an e mail, a prepaid postcard or a postcard requiring a stamp to are searching for data approximately the way to get entry to badly wished health services.
We expected the smartphone hotline to be the maximum handy conversation alternative. We assumed it would inconvenience simplest latest immigrants with restrained language capabilities.
Our expectancies were wrong.
We partnered with the Prolepsis Institute of Preventive Medicine, Environmental and Occupational Health, a nonprofit that provides free meals in excessive-want schools throughout Greece. As a part of this application, Prolepsis conducts a regular survey to collect statistics approximately college students and their households’ nutrients and fitness desires. Through this survey, we invited sixteen,456 parents to are searching for records on free dental take care of their children using one in all four randomly assigned conversation modes: smartphone hotline, e mail inquiry, pay as you go postcard or postcard requiring a stamp.
People who have been instructed to touch Prolepsis through an email deal with or a cellphone hotline replied a whole lot much less frequently than those offered postcards. To be exact, we discover that topics had been 18 instances more likely to are looking for facts approximately dental services whilst advised to use a pay as you go postcard and 8 instances much more likely while told to apply a postcard requiring postage, in comparison with the use of a telephone hotline or electronic mail.
To apprehend why phone hotlines and emails have been so ineffective, we carried out loads of interviews and awareness businesses with mother and father from the survey. We found that, even though telephone get entry to is typical and social calls are habitual, many human beings are hesitant to pick up the phone to name a central authority employee.
Our interviewees believed they lacked the abilities to have interaction with an administrator. They did no longer call the phone hotline because they did now not need to be perceived as incompetent and face the stigma of mishandling a verbal exchange with a bureaucrat.
Email turned into even greater tough, as many said that they did no longer have a pc at domestic or consistent net access. While the notion that electronic mail is inconvenient and inaccessible changed into widely shared by means of interviewees no matter training, age and stage of poverty, it turned into particularly prominent the various more socioeconomically deprived and those born abroad.
Our observe became fielded in Greece, a country with inequities in generation use just like those in the United States. For example, throughout industrialized and democratic international locations, eighty three% of the population had family net get right of entry to in 2016, the yr we performed our experiment. In Greece that yr, it changed into simply 70% – and 73% inside the U.S. In 2019 – the maximum latest year for which information is available – family internet access is almost widespread within the richest quartile. But in the bottom quartile of both Greek and American families, simply over 60% had get entry to to the net.
Reaching deprived communities that are entitled to benefits and do no longer claim them is a massive problem for service providers. For example, in the course of the uneven COVID-19 vaccine rollout, deprived groups maximum in need of vaccination signed up most slowly, in element because they did no longer have the technical competencies to e book an appointment on-line.
Service vendors and vulnerable beneficiaries examine the charges and advantages of the usage of conversation technologies in a different way. For many white-collar office workers, firing off an electronic mail or selecting up the smartphone for a bureaucratic inquiry is ordinary and handy. But it is able to be paralyzing for others.
If data approximately advantages isn't communicated in methods familiar and comfortable to excessive-want businesses, welfare blessings will accrue to Americans who know how to claim these services in place of to those in best need.
Although old-fashioned, the postcard may be a promising solution. Our message is easy: There may be huge benefits to using older, less complicated, acquainted technologies to get the assist to those who need it.
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