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Adresa:Velenov 83
680 01 Boskovice
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1. Busem: Olomouc autobusové nádraží - Boskovice (cca 1h20m). Z Boskovic do Velenova (cca 15m), ze zastávky do kopce, až uvidíte po levé straně samostatně stojící dřevostavbu s dřevěným plotem a koníkama v ohradě:-)

2. Kombinace vlak-bus: Olomouc hlavní nádraží - rychlíkem do Skalice nad Svitavou (cca 2h20m), ze Skalice osobním vlakem do Boskovic (cca 7min), Z Boskovic busem do Velenova (cca 15min), autobusová zastávka je od nádraží vzdálená 3 minuty, ze zastávky do kopce, až uvidíte po levé straně samostatně stojící dřevostavbu s dřevěným plotem a koníkama v ohradě: Zlevněné jízdenky na vlak lze zakoupit v -)

3. Autem: Z Olomouce po Brněnské na Prostějov (cca 20km), z Prostějova po Plumlovské ulici směr Boskovice, stále po hlavní silnici do vesnice Ohrozim (cca 4 km), dále Vícov (cca 5km), Protivanov (cca 12km), Valchov (cca 10km) zde v půli vesnice odbočka vpravo na Velenov, dále přes celý Velenov do kopce, až uvidíte po levé straně samostatně stojící dřevostavbu s dřevěným plotem a koníkama v ohradě:-)

Rural America matters to all Americans

Jennifer Zwagerman is affiliated with the American Agricultural Law Association, Iowa State Bar Association, Polk County Bar Association and NALP.
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President-pick Donald Trump has nominated former Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue to lead the Department of Agriculture.
Many Americans may sense like this precise Cabinet nomination doesn’t effect their regular lives, but that may be a misconception. USDA is liable for regions beyond agriculture, together with food, nutrition and rural development.
Rural America is critical to all Americans due to the fact it is a primary supply for inexpensive and safe meals, affordable electricity, easy drinking water and reachable out of doors recreation.
Almost 3-quarters of the United States is considered rural, but only 14 percentage of the population lives there. As greater humans have moved away from rural areas, many have lost an understanding or appreciation of what rural communities contribute to the kingdom.
As an attorney who focuses on agriculture and meals regulation and regulations, I’d argue that those communities’ precise challenges are even greater dimly understood.
Rural Americans voted in high numbers and helped propel President-opt for Donald Trump to victory. Now, people in rural elements of the us of a are ready to see if Trump’s promise to make America wonderful again will include them.
Of course, the administration’s first undertaking lies with identifying what rural areas want. That’s a tough assignment because there’s no longer just one “rural voice,” unified on all troubles. Rural groups relying on exercise tourism may also guide improved environmental regulations whilst those relying on farming or production can be hostile. Farmers may guide worldwide trade agreements that open markets to vegetation, at the same time as those in production fear the loss of jobs. The issues of rural West Virginia will now not be the same as those of rural Wyoming.
In nominating Perdue to go the USDA, the key corporation charged with assisting rural America, Trump has picked someone with sturdy agricultural and rural roots. Perdue has years of enjoy within the agriculture and trade sectors. As governor of Georgia, he oversaw a nation in which 108 of 159 counties are particular rural due to the fact they have got populations underneath 35,000.
The USDA is the country’s sixth-largest federal agency. Most Americans recognise that the organization is answerable for agriculture, farming, cattle, forestry and herbal resources. However, maximum of its price range helps severa nutrients programs, including supplemental help (SNAP) and the faculty lunch program. It’s now not a stretch to mention the branch’s programs touch each American.
Farming and agricultural manufacturing are apparent examples. Agriculture makes up approximately 6 percent of the general financial system and offers almost 10 percent of U.S. employment. U.S. agricultural exports are expected to reach extra than US$130 billion in 2017.
The safety and coffee price of the meals that U.S. farmers offer is frequently taken with no consideration. Americans spend much less of their profits on food than some other u . s . – simply over 6 percentage of household profits. That compares to Canada – 9.2 percent, Germany – 10.22 percentage, France – thirteen.3 percentage and Italy – 14.2 percent.
But rural America is set greater than farming. Rural communities also are the house of the various u . s .’s electricity manufacturing sources, which includes coal mining, renewable fuels like ethanol and biodiesel, wind and sun strength, and gasoline and oil production. Approximately 20 percentage of the producing industry is placed in rural America.
Rural groups face real and specific demanding situations. While a lot of those equal troubles exist in towns, applications designed to work in urban areas frequently do now not translate nicely to rural areas.
Substance abuse, as an example, is just as commonplace in rural regions as in towns, however charges amongst positive corporations, like young adults and the unemployed, are higher. Most recently the difficulty of rural opioid abuse has been of key governmental situation. Before leaving workplace, former USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack was leading an interagency initiative centered on locating ways to combat an increase in abuse and overdoses. This initiative identified the hurdles of imparting remedy in rural regions, consisting of transportation, public funding shortfalls and high expenses.
It’s additionally hard to recruit professionals to rural areas, an trouble that impacts fitness care offerings, schooling and the law.
Not most effective is attracting fitness care specialists to rural areas a project, but centers, transportation, privacy concerns and get right of entry to to experts are foremost concerns. Access is a tremendous issue as rural Americans have higher numbers of persistent illness, consisting of coronary heart disorder and diabetes. Rural young people devote suicide at twice the rate of city teenagers, and get entry to to intellectual health care is a extensive hassle.
Rural schooling also poses unique demanding situations. Student populations have a tendency to be smaller. That interprets to less investment. Rural schools are seeing a need for increased şişli escort support related to early youth development and schooling to offer needed applications, and popularity of precise problems they face. Rural children are much less organized for college than city youngsters, in part because of lack of early education applications, and decrease income and schooling degrees of dad and mom.
Not having a local legal professional available influences the potential to build a protection if charged with against the law or take care of troubles like infant custody disputes, divorce or making ready a will. Local legal professionals additionally play a position in network development and civic businesses.
And affecting lots of those other troubles is that this harsh truth: When compared to urban areas, rural areas have higher charges of unemployment and poverty. Recent USDA numbers display rural unemployment averaged five.four percentage, while city unemployment become four.eight percent. In 2014, rural poverty costs were 18.1 percentage, as compared to 15.1 percent in city areas. Child poverty fees common four percentage factors better in rural regions than in urban regions.
By some measures, parts of rural American have seen improvement over the last few years.
Vilsack and the Obama administration successfully created programs and directed hundreds of thousands of bucks to rural improvement. An annual USDA survey indicated that during 2016 rural unemployment decreased, fewer rural Americans lived in poverty, rural incomes rose, populations have been constant and the variety of kids without get entry to to enough meals changed into at an rock bottom.
Yet inspite of those upgrades, the election consequences suggest that rural Americans still sense underrepresented and sad with the federal authorities.
Many in rural areas need the government to look at alternate, health, tax, trade, environmental, schooling, exertions, immigration and other regulations and ask, “How does this impact or enhance rural America?” For example, many rural Americans agree with they have been neglected whilst considering the impact of worldwide change agreements. They argue that's what induced rural areas to lose 25 percentage of their production jobs inside the 2000s.
Of course, rural problems move past the scope of USDA. Immigration regulations can effect farm labor and meals costs. Environmental policies effect strength production. Trade rules have an influence on production and agricultural production.
What rural America demanded with this election is a seat on the table. Getting one may be a project thinking about approximately eighty percent of elected officials do no longer constitute rural regions. What they and the new president need to understand is that sturdy rural communities advantage us all.

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