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Řešení obtížných životních situací v pohádkách

Termín:12.9.2011 - 16.9.2011
Místo konání:Boskovice - letní škola
Anotace:Obrazy pohádek bezprostředně promlouvají k imaginativnímu myšlení člověka. Jsou praobrazy životních situací, prožívaných na psychické úrovni. Postavy pohádek jsou ztělesněním jednotlivých panerai kopior duševních kvalit a zároveň vytvářejí svou interakcí v jednotlivých pohádkách ucelený děj vypovídající o významné události v lidském příběhu.
Tento workshop proběhne v rámci letní školy Nová Ves nad Popelkou.

Seditious conspiracy fee against Oath Keepers founder and others in Jan. 6 rebellion faces First Amendment hurdle

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The seditious conspiracy fees filed in opposition to Stewart Rhodes, founder of the Oath Keepers militia, together with 10 other defendants, opens a new and considerable bankruptcy in the occasions of Jan. 6, 2021.
Many observers have noted the absence of “seditious conspiracy” expenses in connection with prosecutions of individuals who took element within the Capitol insurrection. Participants inside the rebellion were charged with minor crimes together with trespassing or different decrease-level offenses. Others had been charged with extra serious offenses, which include obstructing a congressional intending or bringing a weapon within the U.S. Capitol.
But the seditious conspiracy fees introduced on Jan. thirteen, 2022 by the Department of Justice improve the stakes and political temperature of the Jan. 6 research. As a First Amendment student, I consider they may also provide upward thrust to critical worries about the rights of others protesting authorities actions down the road.
The crime of seditious conspiracy includes becoming a member of with others to overthrow the government of the US.
Under federal law, people are guilty of seditious conspiracy in the event that they conspire “to overthrow, positioned down, or wreck the government” by using pressure. That is the imperative or middle offense.
However, the federal seditious conspiracy regulation also prohibits the use of pressure to “save you, restrict, or postpone the execution of any law of the US” and the use of pressure to “capture, take, or possess any belongings of the USA.” The crime contains a maximum sentence of twenty years in jail, fines, or each.
Seditious conspiracy prosecutions are uncommon inside the U.S., but now not unheard of. Charges have been effectively introduced against Puerto Rican nationalists who stormed the Capitol in March of 1954 and against Islamic militants who plotted to bomb several New York landmarks in the early Nineties. However, juries have additionally acquitted participants of a neo-Nazi institution charged with seditious conspiracy for conspiring to overthrow the U.S. government and assassinate federal officers.
Prosecutors can be reluctant to price seditious conspiracy for numerous motives. Conspiracy fees, which entail making plans among two or more humans to dedicate a crime, take masses of time and assets to develop and prosecute. Proving the factors of seditious conspiracy can be factually and legally tough. Entering a confined area or obstructing a congressional proceeding are a ways less difficult crimes to show than plots to overthrow or hinder the U.S. government.
Prosecutors can also be reluctant to fee seditious conspiracy because the charges may seem like politically encouraged.
The First Amendment also may additionally pose a substantial hurdle for prosecutors seeking to prove seditious conspiracy.
Although it does not shield speech that incites coming near near lawless action, the First Amendment does shield speech that advocates overthrowing government in more summary phrases.
So anti-authorities sentiment or widespread calls to “action” towards purported “tyrants” – or statements of that nature – don’t upward thrust to the level of a seditious conspiracy. For prosecutors to convict those charged with seditious conspiracy, they ought to show there have been particular plans to prevent the execution of the law or capture authorities assets.
For instance, a 2010 seditious conspiracy charge delivered against individuals of the Hutaree militia, which the government alleged planned to wage conflict towards the authorities, turned into dismissed because the prosecution’s case rested appreciably on hateful and offensive speech by means of participants of the Christian extremist group that changed into blanketed through the First Amendment. The evidence did not display a plot to overthrow the government.
In the case of the Oath Keepers, the government can have to triumph over similar First Amendment issues.
In the case of Rhodes and his alleged co-conspirators, prosecutors might also stable a conviction if they could prove, as is alleged inside the indictment, that the militia moved from protected speech to making plans specific movements – which include “to forestall the lawful switch of presidential strength” – that aren't blanketed by way of the First Amendment.
In a press launch accompanying the conspiracy costs, the Department of Justice alleged precise actions with the aid of the defendants, such as planning to journey to Washington, and bringing weapons to the vicinity in support of the operation.
If any case fits the seditious conspiracy crime, possibly that is it.
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However, use of the seditious conspiracy law in Rhodes’s case might also set a awful precedent as some distance as destiny protesters and dissidents are concerned. I see a risk that it could be used to help seditious conspiracy expenses against different, potentially nonviolent, groups.
The words of the seditious conspiracy law – using pressure to “prevent, avert, or put off the execution of any regulation of america” or to “capture, take, or possess any property of the USA” – can be vast sufficient to brush in positive kinds of civil disobedience, disruptive protests at the Capitol and some place else, and plans to face up to mass arrests.
Such issues can be yet every other cause prosecutors had seemingly been reluctant to depend on seditious conspiracy charges for the Jan. 6 defendants.
History demonstrates how widely worded sedition legal guidelines can suppress protest and dissent. During the World War I, pacifists and dissidents had been regularly charged with sedition and seditious conspiracy based totally on their political advocacy and criticism of presidency.
The First Amendment, which broadly protects dissent, would no longer allow such prosecutions these days. Modern interpretations of freedom of speech impose stringent necessities in prosecutions for “inciting” violence. However, a a success prosecution for seditious conspiracy in the Rhodes case may create a precedent for going after demonstrators who devote normal crimes, along with destructive a police car or occupying a federal constructing, or who interact in other acts of civil disobedience.
This hazard isn't always totally speculative. In 2020, the Trump Justice Department considered charging Black Lives Matter protesters with seditious conspiracy in connection with demonstrations in Washington, D.C., and Portland. The Justice Department ultimately decided no longer to move down that road. To make sure, genuine and different distinctions can be made between those protests and the storming of the Capitol. But in the fingers of a zealous prosecutor, the potential for abuse is apparent.

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