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Člověk v přírodě, příroda v člověku: Ekologické myšlení pro učitele. Ekologická etika

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Anotace:Krajina, lidé, příroda a jejich vzájemné doteky formou praktických aktivit v přírodním prostředí lužního lesa Litovelského Pomoraví. Poznávání přírody ve dne i v noci, pěšky, na kole, lodí i na koni. Nůše nápadů pro smyslové i rozumové poznávání přírody. Simulační hra „Komedie obecního pole“, při které účastníci sami objevují základní směry současné environmentální etiky. Kupodivu trocha teorie objasňující záplavu ekologicko-pedagogické praxe. Pouze pro ty, co ještě neprožili.
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Millions more Americans now have the proper to vote in non-English languages

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As Americans and their elected representatives debate who ought to be allowed to vote and what rules ought to govern eligibility and registration, one key trouble isn’t getting a lot attention: the capability for humans to vote in languages apart from English.
Communities with especially excessive numbers of vote casting-age residents with restrained English-language skillability have a tendency to have lower voter turnout. This trouble worsens when the those who are not talented in English also don’t have very a good deal training.
They encompass places like the counties containing Cleveland, Salt Lake City and Rochester, New York – and a few counties directly neighboring Chicago and Washington, D.C.
The federal Voting Rights Act calls for neighborhood officers in any community with big businesses of non-English-gifted citizens to offer election materials in that institution’s language. That includes substances along with “any registration or balloting notices, bureaucracy, instructions, assistance or other materials or data regarding the electoral manner, which includes ballots.”
Every 5 years, the U.S. Census Bureau publicizes the listing of balloting jurisdictions – states, counties, municipalities, American Indian and Alaska Native regions – in which the ones criteria are authentic. On Dec. 8, 2021, the brand new list came out, asserting that 331 jurisdictions in 30 states must provide non-English balloting materials. These locations are home to 80.2 million voting-age citizens, which include 20 million human beings of Hispanic backgrounds.
We are researchers at Boise State University’s Idaho Policy Institute reading the consequences of non-English election substances on voting conduct. We have eagerly awaited this release of newly included regions, which we assume to affect the 2022 midterm election, the 2024 presidential election and past.
People who speak Spanish, Asian, Native American and Alaska Native languages are the focus of this policy, due to the fact the federal authorities has determined that they've “suffered a records of exclusion from the political system.” Former University of Michigan Law professor Brenda Abdellal has stated the Voting Rights Act provision need to be increased to encompass protections for different corporations too, including Arab Americans.
The 2021 Census Bureau designations create the largest increase so far inside the number of jurisdictions that need to offer non-English election materials and the quantity of people who will have get admission to to them. Since the last designations in 2016, the number of blanketed jurisdictions has jumped with the aid of 68, a 26% boom. In comparison, the 2016 designations saw most effective a 6% boom in new jurisdictions over the earlier 2011 designations.
California, Florida and Texas are nevertheless required to offer Spanish-language ballots for each statewide election, although particular nearby groups don’t want to achieve this for their elections.
Although officers in jurisdictions now not included with the aid of the relevant Voting Rights Act provisions can also select to provide those materials, we expect this new set of requirements to bring about changes for a huge part of newly included jurisdictions which have not, until now, supplied the ones materials.
The wide variety of voting-age residents who can get hold of non-English substances is increasing as nicely. Under the 2016 designations, 68.6 million balloting-age citizens lived in protected areas.
The 2021 designations upload 11.6 million to that number. The combined language minority populations dwelling in those regions saw a 22% growth in coverage under the 2021 designations, from 19.eight million to 24.2 million Americans.
Broken down by means of ethnicity, the quantity of Hispanic vote casting-age citizens residing in jurisdictions required to provide Spanish-language ballots has extended with the aid of 22.7%. This increase is nearly double the 12.four% increase seen among 2011 and 2016.

Likewise, the number of Asian residents residing in jurisdictions required to offer Asian-language ballots has risen by 21.five%. That contrasts sharply with the two% growth from 2011 to 2016. This change may additionally mirror the continuing boom of the Asian populace in the U.S., which almost doubled from 2000 to 2019 and is predicted to double once more through 2060.
The quantity of Alaska Native and American Indian citizens dwelling in jurisdictions required to offer Alaska Native and American Indian language ballots has no longer increased as dramatically – via just 6.3%. However, the reality that it has elevated in any respect is amazing, as that is the first time considering that as a minimum 2002 that the variety has no longer decreased.
Wisconsin is the country with the maximum new jurisdictions, with forty seven, with many towns being newly blanketed for American Indian languages. While Wisconsin’s American Indian population has no longer grown as rapidly as its Black and Hispanic populations, other researchers have noted an ongoing demographic shift in Wisconsin over current years, especially in smaller towns.

Expanding the languages wherein vote casting records is available boosts participation inside the electoral procedure. The Voting Rights Act was amended in 1975 to require extra languages. In the following 30 years, Hispanic voter registration doubled.
In previous elections, counties that supplied non-English help have visible extended voting via language minority companies, mainly for first-technology residents.
While there may be multiplied voting in the ones counties, different studies shows that election language assistance does not help growth voter registration for folks who don’t communicate English fluently.
Overall, research show that language assistance, and especially Spanish-language ballots, make it simpler for immigrant populations to have interaction in the election method, resulting in increased voter turnout amongst Hispanic citizens.
As minority populations continue to grow in lots of groups – the Hispanic populace is the fastest-developing organization in greater than 2,000 counties – Section 203 of the Voting Rights Act will retain playing a key function in presenting access to the vote casting sales space for thousands and thousands of Americans.

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